Mercury Simply Out Performs

Mercury provides the highest quality scientifically engineered adhesive solutionsthat are made in the USA with an unconditional replacement guarantee.

Most users have never given much thought to their adhesives but Mercury has and is changing the way users think about and use adhesives.Mercury products simply out perform ordinary super glues.

Are you frustrated, fed up or just plain mad that the stem on your glue bottle is always clogged or that you have to take a pair of pliers to get the top off only to find the glue inside already hardened up? Mercury hasscientifically engineeredtheirbottle nozzles and topswith a pin built right into the capto prevent clogging.This remarkable cap is actually two caps in one andassures a smooth operation and a good tight seal keeping the adhesive fresh and helping prevent spills.

Mercury Adhesives Unique Bottle Cap
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