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M100XF High Performance ARF CA

High performance wicking, bonding of close-fitting-parts, wood, plastics, rubbers, metal, leather, fabric



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DISCONTINUED! Mercury’s Award Winning M100XF High Performance, was arguably, the best CA on the market. However, due to its higher cost, it had lackluster sales, and they did not justify continuation. While it was the result of over 2 years of lab work. It was formulated with Mercury proprietary ingredients resulting in a product that was among the fastest, strongest and highest quality every achieved in CA. It exceled in adhering to high alkaline substrates, Light Ply, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, and other composite materials. This was in addition to the ordinary substrates such as wood, paper, cardboard, leather, fabrics, etc. Most impressive is its ability to adhere to old glue, so using it for repairs is unequaled. Maybe if interest is renewed, we'll bring it back.

Hints & Tips

  • Bond time is extremely fast
  • Align parts prior to assembly
  • Also for locking parts that are pre-assembled
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